Acceptable Use Policy

Launch Site
Launch Site(now referred to as Launch Site) does not wish to restrict any of our users from using The Internet. However, we do expect you to be sensible, we expect you to police your own activities and not engage in any activity that is illegal under UK law or that would bring disrepute to Launch Site, any of its employees or clients. To this end, we have listed below activities that we do not approve of.


A search of Google will bring up the definition of any of these activities if you are unsure.

Web Space

You are responsible for the content of your web site, you must obtain legal permission to use material where appropriate (e.g. copyright, etc). You must ensure that the content of your web site does not violate UK law.

We reserve the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate and / or suspend / modify / terminate an account that violates our terms and conditions or this A.U.P. We also reserve the right to charge for our time involved with the enforcement of this A.U.P. when a user violates the A.U.P. and we have to spend time fixing things.