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  Free Domains - Special Offer  
  REMEMBER - Each Host120 hosting package receives a free domain name so you save the registration costs for two years.

This special offer applies to the following tlds:,,, .com,.org,.net,.biz,.info.


Below is the current price list for our domain name offerings. Over the coming months we will providing new and exciting packages that you will can add to your domain name registrations.

Domain Name Prices
  Tld Years
  .com 2 £20
  .org 2 £20
  .net 2 £20 2 £15 2 £15
  .info 2 £20
  .biz 2 £10
  .tv 2 £50*
  .ca 2 £40
*(subject to registrar)
Terms and Conditions for domain names

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